Sunday, 6 December 2009


Anger. The fuel of consciousness. It feels so righteous and empowering, doesn't it? One could crush the world in a single breath, when angry.

How totally opposite of the truth. Anger is the most wrongtuous and disempowering thing the mind could come up with. Self-deceptive.

What is anger? Anger is the mind's cover up for lack of understanding that we are always, in fact, angry at ourselves.

This should be VERY clear to parents, who get angry at their children for something they apparently did. If a child (toddler) throws food on the floor while you're feeding it, and you get angry, you're harming the child. How? Because the child does not yet know what you know (i.e. clean surroundings), and you're angry at it without reason. So the child feels the anger, but knows not the source of it, and is therefore confused. You, however, are avoiding responsibility for making sure that it didn't come to that, by being angry at the child.

Jealousy is, at this point, another fascinating thing to observe: it is the result of fear of loosing an outside source of recognition and sex. We get jealous when those points get threatened.

It has been established a long time ago, that all feelings and emotions are indirect results of either love, or fear. I would go even further than that, and say that they are all an indirect result of only fear. Even love is a consequence of fear. A child loves it's parent, because it fears loosing it, because it's existence would be in danger. A partner loves the other partner because he or she fears losing them, in that losing a source of recognition and sex, perhaps even monetary stability. Parents love their children, because they place hopes in them, to live the things that they never did, so correcting their past mistakes through them.

When we break it down, love always becomes something that is way less flattering than the divine concept, we know it to be. Of course we are going to keep deceiving ourselves, that it exists, because then we do not have to face the obvious deception that is going on within us.

Love does not exist. It never has, and it never will, in the form that we keep making it to be.

The sooner we realise this, the sooner real love can emerge. Real love, that will facilitate some real changes in this world.

It starts with every being loving itself. In order to do that, one has to know oneself. When one does that, one realises that everyone is the same. When one does that, one sees oneself in every person on the planet. When one sees oneself in every person on the planet, one does not want to harm anyone. One is actually aware of oneself, life, and all beings in it, as equal.

Cheers to that.