Friday, 11 November 2011


There is an inherent fallacy built into the system, called unemployment.

How come there are not enough jobs/work, if everyone needs to work in order to eat?

If this was a systemless world, everyone would be hunting and or working with the soil, to be able to eat. But since we have a system, some don't get to eat, because there's money in their way. They don't have it, and they've been born into a system, where they cannot hunt and or work with the soil freely, the system won't allow it. Why? Because it's based in profit and greed, but the funniest part it that we all allow it, because we're all profit-driven and greedy, we grew up that way. We were taught to compete and compare and lie. We are the system. The system is us. It's not other people, which we so like to point to.

So in order to change the system to one that allows everyone to feed, we must change ourselves. But we don't want to change ourselves, because we like ourselves and our lives so much, or at least that's what we tell other people, but it's all a lie that we tell people so we wouldn't perceive ourselves as failures in a system that promotes competition. We lie. We are the system that lies and doesn't allow everyone to feed.

We're clearly bipolar, because while we're so "satisfied with our lives", we're still crying out for change - to other people, nevertheless. But it is ourselves that we're crying out to, really. We just don't realise it. Humanity is all collectively waiting for itself. We're all waiting for something to happen, within that perpetually allowing the status quo, where not all are allowed to feed. We're monsters. Each and every single one of us.

Stop the monstrosity within self
Stop the monstrosity in the world
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