Tuesday, 5 October 2010

consumerism supports the mask of love on money's face

A friend told me today that he was in the shop, and there was a father with a child in front of him in the cashier's queue. There's all sorts of nicely coloured stuff around the cashier's, strategically placed to catch the attention of little children, so they would ask their parents to buy them.
The little boy was whining to his father to buy him different things, and the father replied "no" each time. My friends remark was that he would beat up the child and tell him to shut the fuck up.

There's lots of reactions like these from people, who do not even try to comprehend the situation, they just follow what they have been taught, without questioning it. The boy was a 4-5 yr old.
What would happen, if the father beat up the little boy? He would go into absolute shock for not only NOT getting what he asked for, but even getting quite the opposite - a smack instead of a toy/sweet. The little boy, who has no understanding of the concept of money, would develop a fear from his father for asking for things. He might later grow up to be too scared of his father to ask for certain things that he absolutely needs, like school utilities. He will rather be without it and face the teacher's wrath, instead of risking a smack from his father again; thus inhibiting his own intellectual growth. He might even be too afraid to ask anyone else for anything, depending on the severity of the shock.

But the father did not smack the child. My friend even said that he took an item for the child before that, but the child wanted everything. So the father said "no". What happened within the little boy? He was probably disappointed, confused and angry; not able to understand why his father could take a bunch of stuff from the shelves that HE liked, but won't take another off the shelves for him. He doesn't know anything about the silly paper, which rules the world.

When I was little, I saw my father handling with cheques, and I somehow got the notion that a cheque is worth a lot of money, because my father used it when he didn't have enough cash with him. I remember asking him to fill in a cheque for me to go and buy sweets. I was fantasizing about what sweets I'll buy and how many. The problem was that the shop, in which my father could buy with cheques, had a poor assortment of sweets, but that's beside the point. The point is that I had no idea how money works. My brother once asked our mum, why she doesn't go to the bank, if she's out of money to buy him toys. He thought it was that simple - when you're out of money, you simply go to the bank.
We laughed about this story multiple times, when it is in fact not funny at all, it is highly painful. We just masked it into humour, so we could cope with the sole ridiculousness of the situation.
The situation is that children have a better grasp on reality than grown-ups, yet grown-up's perceive quite the opposite. When I was little, my mother used to bully me into eating everything off my plate by telling me that children in Africa are starving, to which I replied: "So why don't we bring them some food?", and she replied: "It doesn't work that way."

I somehow accepted that point as "normality", when in fact it is the most abnormal thing ever - people starving in a world, where half the population is obese.
Unfortunately, common sense is still snuffed out by the concept of profit; that underlying concept, heavily enforced by the application of interest, which is crippling life on this planet.

I babysat a little girl, and we went to the shop sometimes. If I had sufficient money, I would buy her everything she wanted just to watch her discover new things. But I couldn't, and I felt bad for it. I felt like I was telling her that I don't love her, whenever I told her that we cannot buy that toy.

I remember that I felt "not loved" as a child, because my parents would rarely treat me to anything I asked for. My sister and I wished for a VHS recorder, because all other children had it, but we never got it. We once got super excited when we saw dad come home with a box that was roughly the same size, but it turned out to be a Black&Decker set for him. We were so disappointed.
I clearly remember the opposite polarity of that feeling when my father returned from a concert tour one day and brought me a set of children's cosmetics that was being advertised on TV. I was so cool for having it, and I felt loved.

We live in a world where love is shown with money. That means that some children are able to get more love, and some children are doomed to lives with very little to no love, depends what kind of family they were born into. Is this a world worth getting born into? Definitely not.

Denmark has banned TV commercials for little children, which is awesome and should be done in every country. But there is no law against strategically placing products to manipulate the money out of the parents via their children in shops. It is sick, twisted, corrupt and abusive to children in every single aspect. An Equal Money System will sort this all out. In an Equal Money System no one will be left out, and no one will have more or less than anyone else. In an Equal Money System money will be used to support life, which is quite the opposite of what we have now, where people are dying each day in the name of money, our very own self-produced god, to which we pray each day. Money is our ultimate high and our ultimate low... which is immensely sad in a world where the simple wonders of autumn can leave one breathless, if one is willing to stop taking everything for granted.

We take nature and animals for granted, but they are not granted. Not by a long shot. They are unconditionally supporting human in all his madness, but it is NOT GRANTED. We just took it, and pissed on the fact that it is not granted at all. Because we can. Because we're stronger and we don't care about anything but ourselves. We invented money to insure that we never realise that we haven't been granted the power to take lives without it being absolutely necessary. There is no love for the animal and plant, when profit is involved. Which is proof enough that real love does not exist.

It is time to stop the madness. It is time to realise that love in this world is nothing more than money. If one has no money, one has no love, it is that simple.

It is time to educate ourselves and support an Equal Money System. That way everyone will have Equal Love, and this world might actually become worthy of living in it and expressing oneself with it.

Support an Equal Money System!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

the rich poor and the poor poor

Yesterday I watched a report on poor people in America. The unemployment rate in that town is 20 %, and it does not seem to be improving. Impoverished people are going to distribution centres for food packages and soup kitchens for a free hot meal.

Memories of childhood went through my head. When I was 12, my mother, sister, brother and I moved to another country due to a war. My father stayed behind for a year.

We were so poor that we couldn't afford any firewood. My mother and I used to go out in the middle of the night to nearby farms and steal firewood from their sheds. We would walk back home with heavy loads of wood, and I remember hating and cursing my life a whole lot because of it.

We were receiving food packages from the Red Cross. There was Swiss cheese in there, and Danish cheese, and powdered milk, clothes detergent… it was nice stuff, but I still felt like I was robbed of my dignity. I went to a school, where all the kids bragged about how rich they are, and I felt very inferior to them.

I wore clothes from my rich cousin. She grew up in a household where everything was in abundance, and she was always willing to share anything she hadn't formed a particular emotional attachment to. I remember when her mother told her to gather some toys for my siblings and me. She started throwing in Barbie dolls, but her mother stopped her, saying: "No Barbie dolls, please, they are too pricy after all." I used to feel very hurt by this fact, thinking how unfair it is that rich people are worthy of Barbie dolls, while others aren't. I felt spite, envy, longing, pain, but mostly fear. I feared that I will never be able to relax and enjoy my life, like my cousin, who was born into a rich family. I feared and spited the fact that poor people like me in this world have to work through the good part of their lives for measly numbers, which are up to 100 times lower than the ones my aunt handles with, only to end up with a pension that barely gets them through the month.

As I grew older, that fear eventually turned into a compliant, but spiteful resignation. I gave in to the idea that I will have to work in jobs that do not necessarily interest me, but there was always the underlying hope, that something will happen, and save me from my wretched destiny.

I was very unhappy because I was poor, and I developed a food disorder. I noticed in the report I was watching, that most of the interviewed poor people are obese, probably due to the same reasons as me. They are comforting themselves with food, which is similar to shooting up heroin, because eating causes an endorphin release in the brain. It's similar biochemical processes.

This very well shows the entrapment of the human being by its own mind and the world system, and the duality of humanity's existence.

What came to mind, after remembering how I felt when my family got a food package, were the facts about North Korean children, for some reason. It could have very well been Indian, African or Chinese children; they all suffer the same… and much, so much more than I ever have.

Those are the children on the other side of the world, the poor children, who actually have nothing to eat, because they were born on the bad side of the world system. At least I was a poor child born on the good side of the world system. In food terms there's the poor rich, the rich rich, the rich poor, the poor poor, the dying poor… and we all live on this planet, which provides food for all! The whole thing reminds me of a giant gyroscope. We're all on our particular points of the circles, and we circle and bypass each other, unable to stop.

It is time to stop. Food in this world is a necessity, like air and water. Everyone is born with a right to it. Being born on this planet means that we have the right to exist on it - for free - or rather - for the labour of our hands. I am pretty sure that starving people would gladly invest time and labour in growing their own food, if only they weren't robbed of that chance by being born into the current, compassionless system.

The system does not support life, it supports death. Death for money. Money=death, abuse, poverty, slavery, cheating, lying, deception, competition… all the monsters that thrive on someone else's pain. It is time to investigate a new system, because the end is pretty near. The extinction of the middle class, due to the application of interest, is upon our doorstep. Soon the poor will start to attack the rich for food, and then - System Failure. www.equalmoney.org www.desteni.co.za

Sunday, 7 March 2010

A modern introduction to Zen: Self-deception of the mind or Why energies are deceiving

"There must be something more. There just must be. It's like a universal energy-awareness something something that directs all of existence. Quantum physicists are prooving it, you know. And if you don't believe me, then you make me feel bad, and I don't want to speak to you for a while."

Yah, we need a point to life. We need there to be a bigger thing than us, so we don't have to take responsibility for ourselves, our own happiness/misery that we accept and allow, albeit unknowingly, subconsciously.

We always find those points, points where we can avoid responsibility, wherever we go.

The love-hate polarity mind system is a good example: someone gives you love, someone else is responsible for making you happy, for keeping those positive energies going. Yay, as long as they are willing to participate. As soon as they find another source of good vibrations, you go into the oposite polarity of hate towards them. And so you keep yourself in the mind, looking for another source of good feelings, find it, go into the same loop, and then again, and again... until you die. Alone, might I add. You ain't taking anyone/anything with you. And then you face yourself, lol, when it's too late :)

Politics is another great example of how the mind works: it is based on an ideal of how a human should operate, not what a human truly is like... A human is a greedy, egotistic, disrespectful fucker that only sees himself, and not the people he's supposedly working for as a politician. The sooner people start realising this, the better.

Integrity, honesty, morality... those are just terms that we use without any real awareness, because if we were aware of what they mean, we would understand that they mean respecting and honouring life.

To respect and honour life, one must respect an honour oneself. But instead of doing that, one looks for outside source of honour and respect, plotting and scheeming in the process. Ego - looking for outside validation. There is a whole planet of egos, and they are stepping each other's shoulders, kicking each other's teeth, in looking for validation of the ego. Hence the global fuckup.

Funny thing is, there is something more. There's life as a concept. That's bigger than anything and anyone. And lately it's been showing its teeth. Somehow nature/the physical knows exactly where to strike, because Haiti was the biggest child slavery market on Earth, and in Chile half of the women got abused by men. Maybe this quake will have shaken the men up to stop validating their egoes through punching women. The era of self-deception is slowly coming to a halt, whether we like it or not. Each and every one is responsible for the fuckup in the world by bying sweatshop made clothes that we don't -actually- need, by bying stuff to keep our minds occupied with ourselves and our good feelings (that will inevitably be followed by bad feelings), by putting responsibility onto politicians, and then blaming them when they don't deliver, and so on, keeping ourselves endlessly enslaved by our own nature in the mind.

Stop the mind. Breathe. See what is really here. Take responsibility for yourself. Stop making others responsible. Stop deceiving yourself that they are responsible.

Saturday, 16 January 2010


We came to a point where the system is crumbling.

Cisco systems did a research among its employees, and found out that those, who work from home, are much happier than those who have supervision in the form of a boss above them. So obviously sovereignty is a big factor for happiness. The only problem is, that the system dates back to the days when the need for sovereignty wasn't present with the individual.

What has changed? The human evolution got to a point where it is merging with the technological one. Let's be real, we couldn't be any prettier (or uglier, nature doesn't care). The mind is the only thing left to evolve, since there is no more need for physical evolving.

This is enabled by the informational revolution.

We have the Internet, so in essence, we gained access to an enormous amount of uncensored information. Many people are starting to take in that information independently of social influences, forming their own opinion about it, according to their own sense. When the opinion of the majority about a given subject is similar/the same, we speak of Common Sense.

The individual is starting to be aware of self and the amount of people who share his opinion. The things that the elite is blabbering on the TV all of sudden isn't Common Sense anymore.

So why work jobs in an outdated system that does not support sovereignty of the individual, when things can be done otherwise?

The thing is that today's thirty-something year olds are a generation that grew up in a television fantasy world, and we would all like to be superheroes. As delusional as we are, we meet with the very stressful reality that we are not what we would like to be. A lot of us escape into drugs, some go clinically crazy, some even work nicely within the system with real jobs and real children… but they cannot handle love. Everything is going to hell. People won't get attached anymore. People are drifting apart. The family, as such, is nonexistent. Well, it exists, but its half-life is about 5 years. Now we have chosen families: a circle of friends we trust the most. Parents have become the thing that we avoid on our way to the computer. They cannot understand why we cannot work jobs. They will not understand.

Some of us avoid the system as much as we can. We work from home, we translate, play internet poker, design websites… and we live much more in the moment, because we cannot worry about the future anyway. Apartments are too expensive, blablabla, this whole subject has been chewed over extensively.

Up until now, the world was unaware of itself, because approx. 6 bio people walked around lost within their minds.

Now we have a chance of connecting with other people, and it is only a matter of time, before we become aware of the fact that we have to work as one, if we want to save our asses from the consequences of sins of our forefathers. The human is evolving very quickly now, and the system will burst, if we don't change it. First we must realise that the biggest human fuckup is abdicating our self-responsibility. We put responsibility for our happiness onto each other: our parents, partners, children, hair stylists, shop employees and politicians. It's always someone else's fault if we're not happy. How perverse the human mind is.

When we become aware of our own responsibility for our happiness, we will be able to change things. When we become aware of the fact that we do not have to react to every single useless thought that comes up in our delusional minds, we will become aware of our surroundings, and our influences on them.

Until then we will merrily trade with CO2 emissions and vaccines.

But we must, above all, become aware of the fact that it is downright absurd to want our overfed asses to be happy in a world, where people, who are exactly the same as us, are dying from hunger in painful cramps. In a world that is at its global technological peak.

Shame on us.