Sunday, 7 March 2010

A modern introduction to Zen: Self-deception of the mind or Why energies are deceiving

"There must be something more. There just must be. It's like a universal energy-awareness something something that directs all of existence. Quantum physicists are prooving it, you know. And if you don't believe me, then you make me feel bad, and I don't want to speak to you for a while."

Yah, we need a point to life. We need there to be a bigger thing than us, so we don't have to take responsibility for ourselves, our own happiness/misery that we accept and allow, albeit unknowingly, subconsciously.

We always find those points, points where we can avoid responsibility, wherever we go.

The love-hate polarity mind system is a good example: someone gives you love, someone else is responsible for making you happy, for keeping those positive energies going. Yay, as long as they are willing to participate. As soon as they find another source of good vibrations, you go into the oposite polarity of hate towards them. And so you keep yourself in the mind, looking for another source of good feelings, find it, go into the same loop, and then again, and again... until you die. Alone, might I add. You ain't taking anyone/anything with you. And then you face yourself, lol, when it's too late :)

Politics is another great example of how the mind works: it is based on an ideal of how a human should operate, not what a human truly is like... A human is a greedy, egotistic, disrespectful fucker that only sees himself, and not the people he's supposedly working for as a politician. The sooner people start realising this, the better.

Integrity, honesty, morality... those are just terms that we use without any real awareness, because if we were aware of what they mean, we would understand that they mean respecting and honouring life.

To respect and honour life, one must respect an honour oneself. But instead of doing that, one looks for outside source of honour and respect, plotting and scheeming in the process. Ego - looking for outside validation. There is a whole planet of egos, and they are stepping each other's shoulders, kicking each other's teeth, in looking for validation of the ego. Hence the global fuckup.

Funny thing is, there is something more. There's life as a concept. That's bigger than anything and anyone. And lately it's been showing its teeth. Somehow nature/the physical knows exactly where to strike, because Haiti was the biggest child slavery market on Earth, and in Chile half of the women got abused by men. Maybe this quake will have shaken the men up to stop validating their egoes through punching women. The era of self-deception is slowly coming to a halt, whether we like it or not. Each and every one is responsible for the fuckup in the world by bying sweatshop made clothes that we don't -actually- need, by bying stuff to keep our minds occupied with ourselves and our good feelings (that will inevitably be followed by bad feelings), by putting responsibility onto politicians, and then blaming them when they don't deliver, and so on, keeping ourselves endlessly enslaved by our own nature in the mind.

Stop the mind. Breathe. See what is really here. Take responsibility for yourself. Stop making others responsible. Stop deceiving yourself that they are responsible.

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