Friday, 13 April 2012

the dichotomy of civilisation

Just as the individual sees only itself and indulging it's own desires, wants and needs, fuck the rest, so is our civilisation exceptionally self-centered.

We keep expanding, researching and bettering our own lives, we act like a virus, actually we're acting like colonies of bacteria on their peak, just before more of them start to die off then new ones are made - because all of that is possible only because on the flip side of this civilisation, on it's other half, people are starving to death, wars are fought and uncontrolled raping of the planet goes on.

Just like the individual, who will try to win in every situation, but will still harm itself with various behavioural patterns.

The collective mindset is in absolute disarray. Everyone is pulling to their own side, we cannot seem to communicate, because we're in separate bubbles of desires, wants and needs. If only we stopped for a moment, we'd realise that everyone's basic desires, wants and needs are the same - to be safe.

We live in a world, where safety is not provided due to an abusive monetary system, which is the consequence of sins of our fathers. A sin of greed and thirst for power, a sin that every human carries within itself.

We - all humans - are here to mend that situation.

It is our duty to erase that sin from ourselves with forgiving ourselves for accepting and allowing it within ourselves as individuals. We need to stop this system, power down, and restart, reboot, retry with a new system, one that provides safety and a dignified life for all, so we don't have to be at each others throats and kick each others teeth in, in order to grab as much safety as we can.

We need to realise that we're mathematically one sevenbillionth of the worlds human population, the population that is responsible for all the atrocities that happen, and we carry one sevenbillionth of responsibility for what is accepted and allowed in this world. That is why it is crucial to investigate what we accept and allow within ourselves, and erase any and all mindfucks that make us unable to see reality for what it really is. The Desteni forum is a very effective place for that

Unless we wake up and apply ourselves, we will die miserable and alone, because communication in this world has become virtually impossible. Have you noticed it? Wanna know why? Check out