Sunday, 1 July 2012

WTF Humanity?

What the fuck are we doing as humanity? We're allowing wars, murders, starvation, rape, molestation, kiddy porn and much much more abuse. I don't have the time nor the room to write it all down.

Why do we allow all of this? Because we are individually caught up in assuring the fulfilment of our own self-interest desires, wants and needs. Me me me, only me and my close ones, fuck the rest of the world. What we fail to realise within it all is that if we don't stand up now, and end the abuse of Life for Profit... there will be no world to give to the future generations. But we don't care. We keep looking for that sexy lady or man, who will confirm and validate us in front of our friends, and that perfect job, which our friends will be envious of. Greed. It is in every single one of us, and yet we still keep pointing fingers at capitalism and the banks. We are capitalism and the banks. We are the system. The system does not exist outside of our heads - it is built from within the human being - with thoughts, feelings and emotions. Fears.
The system is not a physical entity, yet it has a life of it's own, because we sure as hell are not directing it, we just follow it blindly, like sheep - because we follow our own thoughts blindly, like sheep, never questioning them, and not even realising, how they create the outside system.

Therefore we simply follow our own greed in self-interest, and don't give a fuck about the rest of the world, because that is just too big for us to think about. "It's a whole planet, for chrissake! You expect me to fix the whole planet?"
No. I expect ALL OF US to fix the whole planet. Because if we don't - consequences mentioned above.

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If we don't stand up - no one will - because there is only us. There's no them.