Wednesday, 7 December 2011

break the bars of the mind prison

I watched a sitcom, where five siblings from a "poor family" (three bedroom house) had to compete for a phone, because their parents couldn't afford five phones. The parents made them compete in doing all sorts of chores, and enjoyed the benefits of such a competition. Then the siblings saw through it, and went on strike. The parents, unable to decide whom to give the phone to, abdicated that responsibility to the sibling who was not competing from the beginning, and acted as a voice of common sense. But he couldn't decide either, and his father advised him to weasel his way out of it. The sibling then decided to keep the phone, and the others attacked him physically. Some serious injuries would have happened in that fight, if the "weird sibling", who competed for the phone to send it to his Mongolian pen pall, didn't shout at them: "To us this phone is a commodity, to Yaba's village it could mean a connection to the outside world." The siblings realised that they're being selfish, and gave the phone to the "weird sibling". The episode ends with the "weird sibling" writing to his friend that the phone was washed away in a terrible storm.

Firstly - it is funny how we see someone, who is selflessly ready to help someone less lucky than him, as a "weird character", and laugh at him. We're really very abusive beings, aren't we. We laugh at these sitcoms, we laugh at ourselves in order to hide our misery within survival from others, so we could feel or at least appear to feel better and happier than them. How pathetic.
Secondly - the end of the show, where the "weird sibling" lies to his friend, brings the whole concept of friendship in this world under a big question mark. The scene blatantly indicates that this is simply human nature, and that we should give in to it, and keep laughing at ourselves. If the producer of the show bore any self-responsibility in him, he'd have ended the show without that final scene.

This sitcom clearly indicates how abusive in nature our world system is, where, in a world that has enough, we must compete and kill each other for things. The siblings were ready to kill each other over a phone, which also puts the whole concept of brotherly love under a big question mark. There is no brotherly love in the face of money. Only self-love, and no one else. My brothers can die and kids in Africa may starve to death - as long as I have a phone.

We all support this system in our own selfishness, and we collectively laugh at it through watching TV, we laugh at these abusive things, instead of facing them within ourselves (our wants, needs and desires), and changing ourselves into something less abusive and self-centered, so that all may live.

Quite some time ago, with the emergence of the Zeitgeist movies, we realised that this world is technologically advanced enough to support all living people. Now the Occupy movement in Slovenia has come to the agreement that direct online democracy is the best way to go, and showed it by printing statements about it and gluing it to the voting sheet.

Next we need to realise that we must actually change ourselves in order for this world to change, because it's every single one of us that wants a better phone, wants to be better, taller, prettier, more than others, which is a capitalistic personality. It is time to realise ourselves as equals to others and recognise others as equals to ourselves. We do that here

Only this way can we come to an agreement that we need to implement a money system, which supports life, so that all can have a good cell phone, since we are technologically capable of it. There are just as many tossed cell phones in islands of plastic garbage floating on our oceans as there are people without cell phones in this world, I am sure. Capitalism doesn't support life, it supports death for profit. Death of all living beings on this planet. We need to fix this. This is the system all about it, and support it's predecessor, the BIG - Basic Income Grant, for all people to have enough to at least survive until the implementation of Equal Money.

We do not have to kill ourselves for money, after all, it's only printed paper. Lets lift ourselves up from this wretched existence.

It is necessary to realise that we won't be able to keep hiding our heads in our anuses for too long, because the media are rattling with rumours of a global war. This is unacceptable at this point in human evolution, and we need to prevent it. We need to realise that we are fighting stupid fights over who is better than whom, when in reality we all have two arms and two legs, we all need to eat, sleep, shit and die in dignity.
In order to realise these things, we need to get rid of our fears, which have been installed by our parents and their parents and so on, therefore I implore the reader again to investigate the Desteni I Process for real. It is the only rock-solid, undeniably working method, which expands horizons, breaks the bars of the invisible system mind prison and frees up the life inside a human.

Friday, 11 November 2011


There is an inherent fallacy built into the system, called unemployment.

How come there are not enough jobs/work, if everyone needs to work in order to eat?

If this was a systemless world, everyone would be hunting and or working with the soil, to be able to eat. But since we have a system, some don't get to eat, because there's money in their way. They don't have it, and they've been born into a system, where they cannot hunt and or work with the soil freely, the system won't allow it. Why? Because it's based in profit and greed, but the funniest part it that we all allow it, because we're all profit-driven and greedy, we grew up that way. We were taught to compete and compare and lie. We are the system. The system is us. It's not other people, which we so like to point to.

So in order to change the system to one that allows everyone to feed, we must change ourselves. But we don't want to change ourselves, because we like ourselves and our lives so much, or at least that's what we tell other people, but it's all a lie that we tell people so we wouldn't perceive ourselves as failures in a system that promotes competition. We lie. We are the system that lies and doesn't allow everyone to feed.

We're clearly bipolar, because while we're so "satisfied with our lives", we're still crying out for change - to other people, nevertheless. But it is ourselves that we're crying out to, really. We just don't realise it. Humanity is all collectively waiting for itself. We're all waiting for something to happen, within that perpetually allowing the status quo, where not all are allowed to feed. We're monsters. Each and every single one of us.

Stop the monstrosity within self
Stop the monstrosity in the world
Stop at the forum at for more information on how to stop.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Miss Education Documentaries Cult Pageant

I watched a documentary, which was covering my fields of education. It was a high school physics and chemistry subject, non-newtonian liquids.

The narrator kept talking about starch being made up of long chains of atoms, and when pressure is put on them, the chains get tangled up.

I thought "hmm, that's not right, starch is made up of glucose molecules (which are formed from atoms), which form chains, yes, but there's a whole lot more of implications here..." completely disregarding for a brief moment that I was looking at a 3-d representation of a bunch of atoms with their electron charges, which again, had absolutely nothing to do with the subject.

Someone actually made that movie, and hoped that no educated person will notice this. This film was not made with the intention of educating people, but of keeping them entertained and glued to the tv, feeling good about themselves, look how educated they're becoming. When in fact, they're being even more dumbed down and brainwashed. Awesome, isn't it? Everything is in reverse.

I suggest that all people, who are obsessed with documentaries, get together once a year and have a circle jerk-off, and then pick a new Miss Education for the new reality shows, that have crept their way into every orifice of our lives.

All others, who are sick of this shit and want to give the children of this world a head start with a real education that supports self-expression - support an Equal Money System.

Join the forum at

Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Child

The Child is born into this world with a terrible burden - it has to Fulfill Expectations. If it doesn't, it gets yelled at and perhaps beaten. It is expected from The Child to learn everything the parents have learnt, only better. The Child is expected to fill some mighty big shoes.

Se we put The Child into way too big shoes, and we don't just expect it to walk, we expect it to run. So The Child tries to run, and falls, and we feel disappointed, so we encourage The Child to run some more, and The Child tries, and it falls and falls, because the god damn shoes are just too big. And by the time The Child has grown into the shoes - it doesn't even know how to walk, it only knows how to fall and deal with the pain.

The Child's Expression is oppressed because their parents must make them a working part of this system if they themselves are to survive and have someone take care of them when they are old.

In an Equal Money System no Child would be oppressed by parents because Everyone would live a Dignified Life from Birth to Death with everything taken care of. I am One Vote for an Equal Money System!

A Global Civil War?

London is burning, and so are the rest of the major British cities. The reason is, of course, money. People just needed an excuse to go looting because they feel deprived. They feel deprived because they are deprived. Deprived of time to breathe and express ourselves. We are so busy trying to keep up with the constant madness of making money that we forgot what it means to live, and not to survive. Rage and anger are blinding people so much that they are unable to realise that no one cares about them, and that we have to start taking care of ourselves. No one is answering to our demon strations because the elite thinks we don't know any better. But we do. We know that the elite is paying it's soldiers and policemen to stand with guns against their fellow human beings. We have long since realised that we live in a corrupt system. Each and every one, who reads this blog, knows it. But some may not know that it is up to us to find a solution as well. The solution is Equal Money for All from birth to death.

Today I have heard rumours of the elite planning to adjust the legislation of Slovenia so that the health care system would be the same as in America, which means that the citizens would loose their rights to free healthcare. This would of course be a question for a referendum, but they are also adjusting the legislation so that only certain legislative questions could be decided upon by the people. These exclude laws about international politics, monetary politics, taxes and the ministry of defense (the whole weapon selling-buying business, Slovenia has just recently bought some tanks)

All this might very soon reach the same point in Slovenia and all over the "first" world as it has in the UK. People will take the streets and loot, and the elite will bring out the water canons. The real question is: will the soldier and the policemen have any sympathy for their fellow citizens being stripped off of their dignity and pushed naked into sheer survival?

The stories of many a science fiction writer are coming true. A society under a corporation and martial law. Unacceptable. Let's go for the Gene Roddenberry version of the future and let's implement Equal Money Democratically - one man one vote.

I am one vote for an Equal Money System!!!

Monday, 27 June 2011

actors/entertainers are predominantly from well-off families

I was translating mini documentaries on movie actors, called Star Profiles. I did Denzel Washington, Stanley Tucci, Edward Norton, Mark Wahlberg, Tilda Swinton and Cate Blanchet.

What struck me as strange was that most actors origins were not even discussed, except the date and place of birth, except with Mark Wahlberg. They went on extensively about how his youth was troubled, because he came from a poor part of Boston. He got his big break, when his brother, a member of New Kids on the Block, a hugely successful music band, helped him become Marky Mark.

They don't mention those actors pasts, because there's nothing dramatic to mention in terms of having had hard lives. I did some digging around Wikipedia, and it turns out that most of them came from privileged families with parents who were lawyers, ministers and the likes of government people, who do not struggle for money. Their children were free to explore themselves, and chose the most appealing profession, because they could.

The illusion that anyone can make it in Hollywood is therefore a bit flawed - it's actually a highly private circle of people who protect each other's interest in keeping this world interested in them, so that they can go on with the lifestyle they have, while billions in this world are suffering due to the unimaginable conditions of poverty.

See for yourself, concentrate on the section of the bio that says "Early life":

Of course there are exceptions, like Mark Wahlberg, who stand out and give people hope that they too can become actors some day and enjoy the privileges and attention of the rich and powerful lifestyle, but what does that say about us? We want to be secure and loved in a world that is full of suffering, and we do not take anyone else but our close ones into consideration. We know this about ourselves, that's why everyone thinks that humanity will destroy itself instead of realising and saving itself - they simply do not know how it could be possible, because we're too selfish to even consider that there is a possible solution.

Here is the possible solution,, but to actually consider it, one must rid oneself of highly selfish thought patterns, which can be done here and here

We must abandon hope of fame and fortune individually for everyone to have them globally, because equality is the greatest fortune to be had - it guarantees peace, because if everyone has everything, then no one desires another's fortune.

It's time to stop idolizing false gods and start living as equals.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Why do we have to Promise our Love in front of Witnesses?

We live in a world, where we all quietly play into the collective (self)deception of love.

Obviously somewhere in history someone made the observation that humans are not monogamous and implemented the rule to get married in front of tons of witnesses and promise our undying love to someone, so we can be held accountable if we dare break the collective illusion.

That probably happened somewhere around the transition from tribal to city culture, when money was introduced and the economic need for such a relationship was born.

In my own experience, the "love" feeling (hormonal rush) lasts for about 3-4 yrs, before my head starts turning otherwhere. That coincides with some scientific assumptions of life in tribal times, where a couple would stay together for roughly 4 years to raise a child, and the whole community would raise it after it was weened off the breast and learned some basics. The mother and father would split, and have other children with other partners, thus ensuring the much needed diversity for the DNA to stay healthy and adaptable.

Somewhere in history we started going against our biological nature and got ourselves bound into lifelong monogamy with illusions of love that were supported by fairy tales since we were little... by the time we felt our first hormonal rush, we were completely brainwashed and believed this sensation to be "love", and that it will last forever. By the time we realised that it is not so, we were already married and fucked for life. Why? Because we had promised each other eternal undying love in front of tons of witnesses.

Fucked up, eh?

Get out of the illusion into real Life
Support the solution to the fuckup of love
Bring yourself home

To all people, who think that "we should take the streets"

What are you taking the streets for? The lawmakers are not in the streets... they're tucked away, safely in their cars and mansions. So what are you actually taking the streets for? To show your frustration? To whom? Who do you think cares, safely tucked away?

That's like having a football game with the gollie of one team way up high under the roof of the arena and his players have guns to keep you from climbing up there.

The elites do not care about people protesting, because their asses are physically safe, and they know that people are too stupid to come up with anything else but protesting, because they're absolutely brainwashed by desires and wants and needs of the inner Hollywood.

To rid self of brainwashing investigate the Desteni I Process and to rid All of brainwashing support the Equal Money System.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

how parents limit a child's expression

A child is a mirror. This is why I promised myself never to have children - because I noticed myself being very similar to my parents, and I perceived them as fucked up. I yelled at my mother in anger multiple times: "I will not have children and perpetuate this bullshit!"

A child is a mirror. If one hits it, it will hit back, but if it is overpowered by a strong adult, it will develop a sense of powerlessness, which it will then try to compensate by exerting power over another child, thus carrying on with the fuckup, which has been pestering humanity since the beginning of time - the desire for power stemming from the fear of pain/death/survival.

Parents have children when they have long forgotten how it is to be a child without fears and worries. How it is to throw a stick in the air and watch it fall to the ground. How exciting it is to learn how to throw the stick in a specific direction. How awesome it is to jump around in the leaves. How great it feels to scream at the top of one's lungs. Being here in the moment. Not worrying about the past and the future and what other people think. Simply being.

We have forgotten how that feels. We go to gyms to keep us fit, and we don't enjoy that movement at all, it is boring, because there is one singular train of thought behind it - "be beautiful, get sex." We repeat robotic/idiotic/boring movements over and over again, never giving the body a chance to express itself and learn new things, like a dance or a sport. We simply move because we believe that it will help us stay beautiful, and with that limiting and abusing our body to the fullest, exhausting it, while we're busy in our minds with various thoughts and future projections, talking to ourselves, while the body is yelling pain at us, but the desire to be beautiful and healthy (fear of death) is stronger and louder.

Children are free of that to a certain age. They have a much clearer awareness of themselves, and they know what it means to actually be moving, not just move for the sake of getting to a goal, but movement being it's own purpose.

So when we take children 'for a walk', we're thinking - how good movement is for us, and we'll go up that hill, and we'll have a coffee, and damnit, I want to be up there already so I can relax, my legs are killing me... all the while the child will be jumping and dancing around, stopping to look at the nature, learning and testing gravity and it's own body, but we won't notice that, because we're so preoccupied with our own thoughts. We want to get up there as fast as possible, and we yell at the child to hurry up and walk. Oblivious to what our child is actually discovering, oblivious of what we are failing to share with our child in the moment, oblivious that our child is actually alive and has it's own rights to freedom of movement. We are oblivious to the fact that the child is equal to us, if not superior in understanding, because it learns on a tabula rasa level, without preconceptions. The child is an actual being that wants to experience itself as it wants, but we are oblivious to that, because we want it to experience itself as we wanted to experience ourselves, so we can live out that experience through the child. In essence putting all of OUR hopes and dreams into the child. Screw that. It's child abuse.

In an Equal Money System, where everyone is taken care of from birth to death, everyone will get to express themselves as they want to - be it singing, dancing, exploring, you name it - and the need to have a child to be able to live out one's dreams of expression through the child will drastically diminish, thus diminishing the child abuse in this world to a zero.

Therefore I support an Equal Money System, so that we can stop this wretched accepted human condition.

the self-deceptive nature of the human mind

I noticed something amazing. I was translating the next text about heart arrhythmia:

Host of the "health" show: "When a patient comes with such symptoms, will the doctor conduct further tests?"

Guest on the show, a cardiologist: "Yes, in case of palpitations HE will perform a physical check-up, from which HE will try to discover what kind of arrhythmia it is with an EKG machine. If necessary, HE will monitor him, until WE don't get an accurate diagnosis."

This purely subconscious workings of the mind is how we dodge responsibility in our thoughts, but we're very quick to take the credit for someone else's work. Even in hypothetical situations. This is how each and every single human being with a mind operates, and therefore each and every single human being is responsible for the deceptive fuckup in the world. Because we deceive ourselves to levels we're not even aware of. The ego is a massive fuckup, and for this world to change, each and every single one of us must change, so we can realize ourselves and implement an Equal Money System, so this kind of deceptive behaviour within the human can stop once and for all. Therefore investigate the Desteni I Process.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The right to survival

Today a friend commented that in the future there will be no jobs for people due to automation taking over a huge portion of physical labour. The only way he saw out of this was to rely on one's own hands and start planting one's own food.

It struck me in that moment that most of us do not actually own a piece of land, on which we could grow food for ourselves. If I tried to plant food somewhere in the open, some or other entity would come to scorn me, or fine me for it. If I tried hunting for animal meat, or fishing, I'd be scorned and fined again.

At this point I have less rights to ensure my own survival than a wild animal. I have no freedom to fend for my own food. I may not utilize my own two hands to grow and hunt for my own food, ON THIS EARTH THAT I LIVE ON, and if I don't have other means to survive in the system, which I've been born into - then I might just as well die, for all the system cares.

In an Equal Money System Everyone will be taken care of automatically, just for being born on this planet. No being will be left behind or abused.

Support an Equal Money System!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Love - A Money Story

I grew up in scarcity. I grew up wishing I had responsible, rich parents, so I wouldn't have to live in fear every day, as I did in childhood/adolescence.

Somehow I always managed to get some guy, who was from a family that was well off. I wasn't intentionally searching for them, I was searching for smart guys. Turns out that people with smart genes usually come from families that knew how to use those genes. Mine was inhibited by alcohol. It was early on in my life that I started noticing that wealth is something one is predominantly born into, and therefore has a better chance at stability in life than one that wasn't born into it.

When I was little, I had many questions about the world. I could see my parents being unhappy together, yet forced to stay together because of us, the children. I tried imagining what my future will be like, will I also have to marry someone, just to be economically safe? And then be as unhappy as my parents? Do I really have to get a job, in which I'll spend the best years of my life, and then slowly wither at the whim of... whom? I couldn't see myself having children, although I tried imagining that too. I thought: so at 22 I have to have a child, like my mom. And then what? My life is over? I want to live my own life, not spend it taking care of some other being... I want to experience life for myself, not exist just so some other being could experience it.

None of it made sense, really. So I made myself a compromise in my head - I will have a few boyfriends, and then I'll marry someone, but I could never really see myself doing that either. It was a thought that was based on the social programming of "what we must do with our lives".

Then I met my first boyfriend, and I was "in love" for the first time, high on hormones off my tits. He asked me whether I'll be his forever, and I froze. "No", I said honestly. He started crying. I panicked that he would want to leave me, if I don't do something, and I really liked the sex and proximity, so I added to the answer: "Only 'till the end of life."
He saw straight through my deception, but chose to beLIEve it, and hope that I might change in the future, if only he waits long enough.

After 2 yrs had passed and the hormones wore off, I started looking at other guys, and after 4 yrs I couldn't take it anymore, and asked him for an open relationship, to which he responded with freaking out. By then I was used to him protecting me (from my unstable family), and me not having to work much, although I did have jobs. We were both becoming bored with each other, so we turned to experimenting with drugs to keep life interesting, as sex was not that interesting anymore.
That and studying and working kept me occupied for the next 4 years, but when the chance presented itself - I cheated on him, because I was missing the thrill of falling in love. At that point I have realised that love is nothing more than economic security, because I was fearing for mine, when I was facing the breakup due to cheating. I remember telling myself in the end: "Fine, I'll get a regular job, take care of myself, I can't take these limitations anymore."

I kinda fell for the guy that I cheated with, but he was a player that didn't have any serious intentions with me. When I realised that, I started chasing my own highs of proving myself as desirable and wanted with guys, and got myself a trophy - the most perfect guy in all senses, but way too young for me. However, I did feel on top of the world for fucking the most gorgeous, smart guy of many talents.

Afterwards I fell in love with a guy, who represented everything I wanted to be, and at that point I realised that I want my partner to give me worth, because I cannot give it to myself. I realised that I fall in love with people that I want to be like.

This is the last time that that has happened. I am deprogramming the construct of "falling in love".

A month ago I met a guy, who is the ultimate thisandthis, and a thatandthat to boot. I couldn't believe the combination, and I was totally thrilled. I allowed myself to go into the possession of "this is the coolest guy in the world", only to find myself compromising myself for that particular definition. I was enduring much of his ego abuse silently, but I did apply self-forgiveness as much as I could, and I have gained awesome stability.

It was interesting to see the desire for comfort and safety show up, after I found out that he is also well-off. First I reacted with the attitude of "I don't need no man to take care of me," but as we went further into the relationship, he started talking about buying an apartment. At that point the desire to be safe came up. I decided to be completely honest with him and tell him that I would be prepared to take on the role of his girlfriend in the matrix, and proposed a trial period of six months, to which he subtly agreed.

My backchat got worse, however. My mind started projecting various thoughts into the future of our life together. Images of me having to present myself to his parents and friends, show off my intellect and breasts, to make up for his perceived shortcomings in my appearance.

I was basically planning deception, lol. Starting point - fear of not being safe in the future. Not having a home. Not dying a dignified death. Being a victim of the system.

Which was my starting point for becoming involved with Desteni in the fist place.

After I had agreed to let my hair grow, but stating that I will have to shave it off eventually again, he started pushing his limits. He wanted me to quit Desteni, and started manipulating me and looking for proof that Desteni is a dangerous cult.

I remember being embarrassed to be associated with Desteni as well - the knowledge and what goes on within Desteni is simply too out-of-this-world for an average human to perceive it as being possible. Yet it is. Therefore I'm sticking to it, no matter what.

It's also interesting to see, how we can perceive ourselves to be lonely in a world of 7 billion humans. How did we come to such separation? Money - fear of survival - we stopped talking to each other, and built bigger fences, bolted doors, security cameras, to protect what is ours, so the evil people, who have less, wouldn't steal it.

We didn't exist like that in socialism in Slovenia - we played outside, everyone had a home and a job, people were taken care of to some extent, and therefore much friendlier with each other. Now they avoid eye contact due to the excessive activity of the inner hollywood that developed in us through capitalistic TV shows. Everyone wants to be a superhero, and everyone wants to win.

Who looses?

Those, that have been loosing forever - those born into poor families. Those, who have no voice. Those, who we should stand for. We cannot keep ignoring the cries of Life, because the Wrath of Nature is going to get us all. The human will either stand up to end the abuse of life with an Equal Money System, so that real, unconditional love may emerge, or we are done for. Laptops and iphones can't do shit against earthquakes. Money can't do shit against earthquakes. We're going to have to step together and help each other, one way or another. I'd prefer it was the political, and not the postapocalyptical way. Postapopolitical... I wish it didn't come to that, because I will be among the majority to die in that apocalypse. I've noticed that no one else thinks that way, when they say that there has to be an apocalypse that wipes out two thirds of humanity. That logic... is subtly off.