Wednesday, 11 May 2011

how parents limit a child's expression

A child is a mirror. This is why I promised myself never to have children - because I noticed myself being very similar to my parents, and I perceived them as fucked up. I yelled at my mother in anger multiple times: "I will not have children and perpetuate this bullshit!"

A child is a mirror. If one hits it, it will hit back, but if it is overpowered by a strong adult, it will develop a sense of powerlessness, which it will then try to compensate by exerting power over another child, thus carrying on with the fuckup, which has been pestering humanity since the beginning of time - the desire for power stemming from the fear of pain/death/survival.

Parents have children when they have long forgotten how it is to be a child without fears and worries. How it is to throw a stick in the air and watch it fall to the ground. How exciting it is to learn how to throw the stick in a specific direction. How awesome it is to jump around in the leaves. How great it feels to scream at the top of one's lungs. Being here in the moment. Not worrying about the past and the future and what other people think. Simply being.

We have forgotten how that feels. We go to gyms to keep us fit, and we don't enjoy that movement at all, it is boring, because there is one singular train of thought behind it - "be beautiful, get sex." We repeat robotic/idiotic/boring movements over and over again, never giving the body a chance to express itself and learn new things, like a dance or a sport. We simply move because we believe that it will help us stay beautiful, and with that limiting and abusing our body to the fullest, exhausting it, while we're busy in our minds with various thoughts and future projections, talking to ourselves, while the body is yelling pain at us, but the desire to be beautiful and healthy (fear of death) is stronger and louder.

Children are free of that to a certain age. They have a much clearer awareness of themselves, and they know what it means to actually be moving, not just move for the sake of getting to a goal, but movement being it's own purpose.

So when we take children 'for a walk', we're thinking - how good movement is for us, and we'll go up that hill, and we'll have a coffee, and damnit, I want to be up there already so I can relax, my legs are killing me... all the while the child will be jumping and dancing around, stopping to look at the nature, learning and testing gravity and it's own body, but we won't notice that, because we're so preoccupied with our own thoughts. We want to get up there as fast as possible, and we yell at the child to hurry up and walk. Oblivious to what our child is actually discovering, oblivious of what we are failing to share with our child in the moment, oblivious that our child is actually alive and has it's own rights to freedom of movement. We are oblivious to the fact that the child is equal to us, if not superior in understanding, because it learns on a tabula rasa level, without preconceptions. The child is an actual being that wants to experience itself as it wants, but we are oblivious to that, because we want it to experience itself as we wanted to experience ourselves, so we can live out that experience through the child. In essence putting all of OUR hopes and dreams into the child. Screw that. It's child abuse.

In an Equal Money System, where everyone is taken care of from birth to death, everyone will get to express themselves as they want to - be it singing, dancing, exploring, you name it - and the need to have a child to be able to live out one's dreams of expression through the child will drastically diminish, thus diminishing the child abuse in this world to a zero.

Therefore I support an Equal Money System, so that we can stop this wretched accepted human condition.

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