Monday, 6 June 2011

To all people, who think that "we should take the streets"

What are you taking the streets for? The lawmakers are not in the streets... they're tucked away, safely in their cars and mansions. So what are you actually taking the streets for? To show your frustration? To whom? Who do you think cares, safely tucked away?

That's like having a football game with the gollie of one team way up high under the roof of the arena and his players have guns to keep you from climbing up there.

The elites do not care about people protesting, because their asses are physically safe, and they know that people are too stupid to come up with anything else but protesting, because they're absolutely brainwashed by desires and wants and needs of the inner Hollywood.

To rid self of brainwashing investigate the Desteni I Process and to rid All of brainwashing support the Equal Money System.

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