Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Miss Education Documentaries Cult Pageant

I watched a documentary, which was covering my fields of education. It was a high school physics and chemistry subject, non-newtonian liquids.

The narrator kept talking about starch being made up of long chains of atoms, and when pressure is put on them, the chains get tangled up.

I thought "hmm, that's not right, starch is made up of glucose molecules (which are formed from atoms), which form chains, yes, but there's a whole lot more of implications here..." completely disregarding for a brief moment that I was looking at a 3-d representation of a bunch of atoms with their electron charges, which again, had absolutely nothing to do with the subject.

Someone actually made that movie, and hoped that no educated person will notice this. This film was not made with the intention of educating people, but of keeping them entertained and glued to the tv, feeling good about themselves, look how educated they're becoming. When in fact, they're being even more dumbed down and brainwashed. Awesome, isn't it? Everything is in reverse.

I suggest that all people, who are obsessed with documentaries, get together once a year and have a circle jerk-off, and then pick a new Miss Education for the new reality shows, that have crept their way into every orifice of our lives.

All others, who are sick of this shit and want to give the children of this world a head start with a real education that supports self-expression - support an Equal Money System.

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