Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The right to survival

Today a friend commented that in the future there will be no jobs for people due to automation taking over a huge portion of physical labour. The only way he saw out of this was to rely on one's own hands and start planting one's own food.

It struck me in that moment that most of us do not actually own a piece of land, on which we could grow food for ourselves. If I tried to plant food somewhere in the open, some or other entity would come to scorn me, or fine me for it. If I tried hunting for animal meat, or fishing, I'd be scorned and fined again.

At this point I have less rights to ensure my own survival than a wild animal. I have no freedom to fend for my own food. I may not utilize my own two hands to grow and hunt for my own food, ON THIS EARTH THAT I LIVE ON, and if I don't have other means to survive in the system, which I've been born into - then I might just as well die, for all the system cares.

In an Equal Money System Everyone will be taken care of automatically, just for being born on this planet. No being will be left behind or abused.

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