Saturday, 16 January 2010


We came to a point where the system is crumbling.

Cisco systems did a research among its employees, and found out that those, who work from home, are much happier than those who have supervision in the form of a boss above them. So obviously sovereignty is a big factor for happiness. The only problem is, that the system dates back to the days when the need for sovereignty wasn't present with the individual.

What has changed? The human evolution got to a point where it is merging with the technological one. Let's be real, we couldn't be any prettier (or uglier, nature doesn't care). The mind is the only thing left to evolve, since there is no more need for physical evolving.

This is enabled by the informational revolution.

We have the Internet, so in essence, we gained access to an enormous amount of uncensored information. Many people are starting to take in that information independently of social influences, forming their own opinion about it, according to their own sense. When the opinion of the majority about a given subject is similar/the same, we speak of Common Sense.

The individual is starting to be aware of self and the amount of people who share his opinion. The things that the elite is blabbering on the TV all of sudden isn't Common Sense anymore.

So why work jobs in an outdated system that does not support sovereignty of the individual, when things can be done otherwise?

The thing is that today's thirty-something year olds are a generation that grew up in a television fantasy world, and we would all like to be superheroes. As delusional as we are, we meet with the very stressful reality that we are not what we would like to be. A lot of us escape into drugs, some go clinically crazy, some even work nicely within the system with real jobs and real children… but they cannot handle love. Everything is going to hell. People won't get attached anymore. People are drifting apart. The family, as such, is nonexistent. Well, it exists, but its half-life is about 5 years. Now we have chosen families: a circle of friends we trust the most. Parents have become the thing that we avoid on our way to the computer. They cannot understand why we cannot work jobs. They will not understand.

Some of us avoid the system as much as we can. We work from home, we translate, play internet poker, design websites… and we live much more in the moment, because we cannot worry about the future anyway. Apartments are too expensive, blablabla, this whole subject has been chewed over extensively.

Up until now, the world was unaware of itself, because approx. 6 bio people walked around lost within their minds.

Now we have a chance of connecting with other people, and it is only a matter of time, before we become aware of the fact that we have to work as one, if we want to save our asses from the consequences of sins of our forefathers. The human is evolving very quickly now, and the system will burst, if we don't change it. First we must realise that the biggest human fuckup is abdicating our self-responsibility. We put responsibility for our happiness onto each other: our parents, partners, children, hair stylists, shop employees and politicians. It's always someone else's fault if we're not happy. How perverse the human mind is.

When we become aware of our own responsibility for our happiness, we will be able to change things. When we become aware of the fact that we do not have to react to every single useless thought that comes up in our delusional minds, we will become aware of our surroundings, and our influences on them.

Until then we will merrily trade with CO2 emissions and vaccines.

But we must, above all, become aware of the fact that it is downright absurd to want our overfed asses to be happy in a world, where people, who are exactly the same as us, are dying from hunger in painful cramps. In a world that is at its global technological peak.

Shame on us.