Wednesday, 11 May 2011

the self-deceptive nature of the human mind

I noticed something amazing. I was translating the next text about heart arrhythmia:

Host of the "health" show: "When a patient comes with such symptoms, will the doctor conduct further tests?"

Guest on the show, a cardiologist: "Yes, in case of palpitations HE will perform a physical check-up, from which HE will try to discover what kind of arrhythmia it is with an EKG machine. If necessary, HE will monitor him, until WE don't get an accurate diagnosis."

This purely subconscious workings of the mind is how we dodge responsibility in our thoughts, but we're very quick to take the credit for someone else's work. Even in hypothetical situations. This is how each and every single human being with a mind operates, and therefore each and every single human being is responsible for the deceptive fuckup in the world. Because we deceive ourselves to levels we're not even aware of. The ego is a massive fuckup, and for this world to change, each and every single one of us must change, so we can realize ourselves and implement an Equal Money System, so this kind of deceptive behaviour within the human can stop once and for all. Therefore investigate the Desteni I Process.

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