Wednesday, 7 December 2011

break the bars of the mind prison

I watched a sitcom, where five siblings from a "poor family" (three bedroom house) had to compete for a phone, because their parents couldn't afford five phones. The parents made them compete in doing all sorts of chores, and enjoyed the benefits of such a competition. Then the siblings saw through it, and went on strike. The parents, unable to decide whom to give the phone to, abdicated that responsibility to the sibling who was not competing from the beginning, and acted as a voice of common sense. But he couldn't decide either, and his father advised him to weasel his way out of it. The sibling then decided to keep the phone, and the others attacked him physically. Some serious injuries would have happened in that fight, if the "weird sibling", who competed for the phone to send it to his Mongolian pen pall, didn't shout at them: "To us this phone is a commodity, to Yaba's village it could mean a connection to the outside world." The siblings realised that they're being selfish, and gave the phone to the "weird sibling". The episode ends with the "weird sibling" writing to his friend that the phone was washed away in a terrible storm.

Firstly - it is funny how we see someone, who is selflessly ready to help someone less lucky than him, as a "weird character", and laugh at him. We're really very abusive beings, aren't we. We laugh at these sitcoms, we laugh at ourselves in order to hide our misery within survival from others, so we could feel or at least appear to feel better and happier than them. How pathetic.
Secondly - the end of the show, where the "weird sibling" lies to his friend, brings the whole concept of friendship in this world under a big question mark. The scene blatantly indicates that this is simply human nature, and that we should give in to it, and keep laughing at ourselves. If the producer of the show bore any self-responsibility in him, he'd have ended the show without that final scene.

This sitcom clearly indicates how abusive in nature our world system is, where, in a world that has enough, we must compete and kill each other for things. The siblings were ready to kill each other over a phone, which also puts the whole concept of brotherly love under a big question mark. There is no brotherly love in the face of money. Only self-love, and no one else. My brothers can die and kids in Africa may starve to death - as long as I have a phone.

We all support this system in our own selfishness, and we collectively laugh at it through watching TV, we laugh at these abusive things, instead of facing them within ourselves (our wants, needs and desires), and changing ourselves into something less abusive and self-centered, so that all may live.

Quite some time ago, with the emergence of the Zeitgeist movies, we realised that this world is technologically advanced enough to support all living people. Now the Occupy movement in Slovenia has come to the agreement that direct online democracy is the best way to go, and showed it by printing statements about it and gluing it to the voting sheet.

Next we need to realise that we must actually change ourselves in order for this world to change, because it's every single one of us that wants a better phone, wants to be better, taller, prettier, more than others, which is a capitalistic personality. It is time to realise ourselves as equals to others and recognise others as equals to ourselves. We do that here

Only this way can we come to an agreement that we need to implement a money system, which supports life, so that all can have a good cell phone, since we are technologically capable of it. There are just as many tossed cell phones in islands of plastic garbage floating on our oceans as there are people without cell phones in this world, I am sure. Capitalism doesn't support life, it supports death for profit. Death of all living beings on this planet. We need to fix this. This is the system all about it, and support it's predecessor, the BIG - Basic Income Grant, for all people to have enough to at least survive until the implementation of Equal Money.

We do not have to kill ourselves for money, after all, it's only printed paper. Lets lift ourselves up from this wretched existence.

It is necessary to realise that we won't be able to keep hiding our heads in our anuses for too long, because the media are rattling with rumours of a global war. This is unacceptable at this point in human evolution, and we need to prevent it. We need to realise that we are fighting stupid fights over who is better than whom, when in reality we all have two arms and two legs, we all need to eat, sleep, shit and die in dignity.
In order to realise these things, we need to get rid of our fears, which have been installed by our parents and their parents and so on, therefore I implore the reader again to investigate the Desteni I Process for real. It is the only rock-solid, undeniably working method, which expands horizons, breaks the bars of the invisible system mind prison and frees up the life inside a human.