Sunday, 15 January 2012

coming home

I've been struggling with the problem of not having a home for a long time. I lost my "home" (the apartment my parents owned) when I was 12, and we had to move to another country. Since then we've been living in rented apartments, and I've never felt truly at home, although they were homey and my family members were there. There was no safety of "owning a home".

In 2008 I encountered Desteni. The Desteni knowledge gave me answers to questions I have long forgotten I had as a child. It affirmed my hunches about life that I had as a child. With it I gained back the peace I had as a child. It was like coming home.

Some time after I started the Desteni I Process, I was walking "home", towards my rented room in a student apartment. I noticed myself having some thoughts about this, I breathed, and in that moment I realised that home is where I am, right there on the pavement.

I am Home.

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