Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Child

The Child is born into this world with a terrible burden - it has to Fulfill Expectations. If it doesn't, it gets yelled at and perhaps beaten. It is expected from The Child to learn everything the parents have learnt, only better. The Child is expected to fill some mighty big shoes.

Se we put The Child into way too big shoes, and we don't just expect it to walk, we expect it to run. So The Child tries to run, and falls, and we feel disappointed, so we encourage The Child to run some more, and The Child tries, and it falls and falls, because the god damn shoes are just too big. And by the time The Child has grown into the shoes - it doesn't even know how to walk, it only knows how to fall and deal with the pain.

The Child's Expression is oppressed because their parents must make them a working part of this system if they themselves are to survive and have someone take care of them when they are old.

In an Equal Money System no Child would be oppressed by parents because Everyone would live a Dignified Life from Birth to Death with everything taken care of. I am One Vote for an Equal Money System!

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