Wednesday, 25 November 2009

want, need, require more!

WHAT IS IT that we are looking for? What is it, that makes us unhappy, and makes us want ever more, even though we have everything? Personally, I have a roof over my head, a big bed, two computers and a connection to the internet, yet I always want more... more of what? Money. Why money? Because money buys everything. Yes, even love.
But what is that thing that we are REALLY looking to buy with all that money?

Recognition. We crave, need, breathe, eat, live off recognition. If there was no one around to recognise us, boy, we'd be in trouble. That is why we are called "social beings".

There is an interesting phenomenon in humanity, amongst women especially. We cannot stand to be alone for too long. We need human interaction. Why? Because someone is giving us recognition. Why do we value ourselves according to how many friends we have? This is interesting to observe with facebook these days; people are so proud to say "I have 200+ friends on facebook"

If we observe ourselves in groups of more than 2 people, we tend to think fast, to come up with the most impressive thought, that will redirect the attention to us.

Why do we all deep down envy celebrities? Because they get all of world's recognition at once. Oh, imagine the enjoyment of that. We envy, and we get spiteful, and then hateful. Because, deep down, every single human being wants that kind of recognition. But because we don't have it, we watch the celebrities fight amongst themselves for even more recognition! Is this fucked up, or what?

Thing is, the celebrities are not happy either. Even though they have all the recognition they want, and more. To the point of suffocation, really. Yet they are not happy, evidently. Why is this?

I have mentioned several times before, that no one can give us, what we need, if we cannot give it to ourselves.

What each and every human, within humanity as a whole, has never had, is self-recognition. No one in this world actually recognises self.

What do I mean? From the time we were born, we were bombarded by knowledge. At first it didn't matter, because we were not talking. We were communicating with sounds, and we were learning the basic physical laws of our bodies through dropping things, falling, walking, tripping, screaming, and so on. Our bodies learnt this automatically, there is no mind involved in the process of walking.

The problem became when the information started seeping in through words of our parents, who made us do the things THEY wanted us to do, not necessarily regarding us in the process. Thus they programmed us to behave in their way, trust only their judgement, and we never learned to trust ourselves. So, in essence, we don't know ourselves. We do not recognise ourselves. What in our thoughts did not at some point originate from an outside source? Virtually nothing. We did not really direct ourselves since the time we began to speak, around age 2. Since then we have been reacting to information from our parents and surroundings; in that developing a personality, which is nothing more than a bundle of reactions to information, unaware of self. We were conditioned to fit society, so we wouldn't stray. Because, if we didn't, each and every single one of us would have strayed in self-honesty. But we were forced to follow certain paths, and in that had to allow self-dishonesty in our lives, in order to survive. Hence all the battling with parents.

So, in essence, we have never really applied our self. Someone else always applied it for us. Hence all the teaching and conditioning we had to go through. So we could be applied.

Hasn't it been enough? I'm tired of being an application, really. I'm tired of having to serve in order to survive. I'm tired of everyone having to serve in order to survive. Service is the point of our existence. We are but automated programs. Not perceiving ourselves as such, but do you think that Google knows it's an application that supports the whole world?

The programming is our mind, conditioned in such a way to never be able to trust ourselves but always seek recognition from outside. It is time to stop this madness, and breathe.

Till here, no further!

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  1. Nice, I like the way you keep it short and to the point.