Sunday, 4 March 2012

We are the elite

I have moved into an apartment of my dreams from a previous life. It has literally everything I had ever wanted: a bunch of computers, a ginormous tv, a playing console, a cabinet with my electric piano in it, a fully equipped kitchen, where everything works, it's new, it's warm and cosy, it's even an attic apartment, which I've always found to be particularly romantic... and now that I have it all, I hardly feel any overwhelming feelings of joy, because I'm aware of the fact that half of Earth's human population is living in terrible poverty, and that I am able to live this way only because they live that way, it doesn't go otherwise in capitalism... so it's not something that I can really enjoy as much as I would without that factor being present. I have even learned that I am in the top 20 % of human population, who have a computer, which makes me the elite. I use products that people made in Chinese factories for slave wages. I drive in cars that use gas (oil), for which wars are fought (in a world where cleaner energy is available).

I have been walking the process of equalizing myself, and I have come to realize that it is unacceptable for us to keep existing this way. Everyone should have the commodities that I have, and those commodities should be made to last, so that we don't keep needing new commodities every few years. That way we could all live like me in a sustainable fashion.

Capitalism is failing all Life on Earth, and we, the elite, who enjoy the results of heavy labour in Chinese electronic and sweatshop factories and famine in Africa, should really get off our asses and do something nice for the slaves that we don't even know we have. Like implement an equal money system, so we can stop the hierarchical slavery that we're all subdued to in capitalism.

I am one vote for the Equal Money System.

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